Virtual Challenges

Virtual Instameet #16

Our friends at Tactical Recovery have chosen the theme for this challenge. So get creative and show them a “Timeless Classic”.
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gazebo against trees

Virtual Instameet #14

Now that Spring is in the air it’s time to spend some time outisde in the garden. The theme for this challenge is: “The Garden”
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photographers walking through field

Virtual Instameet #12

The theme for this challenge is: “The Sun“ Get out in The Sun! Show us what you’re up to as you lap up that winter…
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Virtual Instameet #11

We’ve all spent so much time at home over the last few months and now that we can go out and enjoy the outside world…
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wilderness sign with bush background

Virtual Instameet #10

This week we want to see you get out in nature and enjoy the wilderness. Visit a National Park or Reserve and see what you…
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forest, light, twilight

Virtual Instameet #9

This mood of a photo is the feeling you get when you see it. It draws the viewer in, allowing them to connect with your…
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Virtual Instameet #7

This week its time to take a photo of something that demonstrates power. The theme for this challenge is: “POWER”.
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child, photographer, self-portrait

Virtual Instameet #6

This week its time to take on the roles of lead photographer, assistant, and subject all at once.
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Virtual Instameet #4

Have you got something to apply “scale” in your surroundings? Do your best in this challenge to bring it to life, or maybe give it…
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remembrance, anzac, lest

Virtual Instameet #3

ANZAC Day will be a little different this year with dawn services no longer occurring across the country. Show us how you’ll be recognising “ANZAC…
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Virtual Instameet #2

Our second Virtual Instameet has the theme of “Fire“. So get started on your best interpretation of the theme based on your surroundings in lockdown…
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Virtual Instameet #1

While we can’t meet in person at the moment we thought we could do a series of virtual meets / challenges. The first of these…
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